Aboriginal Cultural Heritage work, Land Management, Cultural and Education Services

Wurundjeri Tribe Land Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council Incorporated

Established in the 1980’s by the direct descendants of the Wurundjeri people (Woi wurrung language group) in order to benefit Wurundjeri people

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About Us

The Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council Incorporated was established
in the 1980’s by the direct descendants of the Wurundjeri people. We advocate for, and support the aspirations of our community.

William Barak
Annie Borate

Our Ancestors

William Barak, a famed Ngurungaeta (headman) of the Wurundjeri people, is one of our most respected Ancestors. Barak believed strongly in the rights of Indigenous people, possessing exceptional leadership and political skills. He was an important disseminator of Wurundjeri culture through his paintings. His family line continued through his nephew Wandoon (also known as Robert Wandin), the son of his sister Annie Borate. The role of Ngurungaeta was passed on to Robert.


Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP)

The Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council Incorporated is a Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP). RAPs are statutory Authorities under the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006. They have responsibilities for the management of Aboriginal cultural heritage places, and objects on their traditional Country.


Our Boundaries

The Wurundjeri people are the recognised Traditional Owners of a large geographically diverse region that includes both urban and rural lands as well as waterways (fresh water and estuarine). Wurundjeri Country lies within the inner city of Melbourne and extends north of the Great Dividing Range, east to Mount Baw Baw, south to Mordialloc Creek and to the mouth of the Werribee River.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to the wider community.

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    Cultural Heritage

    We provide comprehensive cultural heritage services including: discharging our RAP responsibilities, Due Diligence Assessments, assessment of Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs), Cultural Heritage & Interpretation, Cultural Values Recordings as well as Wurundjeri Heritage Projects.

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    Land Management

    Our Country, or ‘Narrap’ Team, focuses on the protection, management and enhancement of environmentally and culturally significant places on Wurundjeri Country.

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    Cultural Practices for Events

    We offer a range of cultural practices that can be experienced by the wider community including Welcomes, Smoking ceremonies, dance and music performances, gifts for exchange and commissioned arts works.

  • 4

    Education and Training

    We deliver cross cultural educational incursions and excursion, which are tailored to meet the needs of the following sectors: education (pre, primary and secondary school as well as tertiary and other adult education services), government, corporate, not-for-profit and community groups.

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    Language & Naming

    Interested in naming an event, place, office space or facility on Wurundjeri Country in language? We provide a language and naming services in Woi wurrung, the traditional language of the Wurundjeri people.

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    Cultural Consultancy

    Meet with our Elders. It is considered respectful cultural protocol to discuss upcoming projects or initiatives on Wurundjeri Country.

Traditional Woi wurrung Country

Our organisation comprises a few key areas including: